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Beverley Hawksley

Artist Statement


Stories are important to me... the ones we are immediately aware of and the ones that come through excavation.

"Making" has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. From the childhood cobbling of my own shoes because of a fascination with some boots that Patsy Cline wore on an album cover through my costume making and knitting days as a young mother, resourceful creativity has felt as necessary as breathing. I incorporated this obsession with creating into a career as a hairstylist all the while nurturing thoughts of some other world that seemed to be forever waiting in the wings for more of my attention. With grown children, I decided in my early forties, to explore it full time. Since then, with self direction and curiosity, art has been my day job. It remains an obsession!

Primarily a figurative painter, I like to work large scale and would describe my figures as being in a "state" rather than a "location". The work has changed over the years but there are recurring aspects that have been present since the beginning. The use of metal leaf both in halos and background texture satisfies my love of the historical religious works that haunt my heart. Costume interests me, both for what it exposes and what it covers up. I continue to explore this through the work combining eras, or indulging in fantasy. Attention to hair styles and head gear are important to me as well. Certainly I recognize that the tools are in my hands, however, I do feel as though the figures in the work show up with their own agenda. I am committed to honouring that.

I work three dimensionally as well and have created sculpture and textile works that have a feel of ceremony. Robes, shawls and banners embellished with embroidery became meditative works for me... a chance to plug into an art form from "ago". Making plaster and papier mache vessels gives me an opportunity to immerse myself in a shape that has held things of value since the beginning of time.

Through these years of exploring, I began to pay close attention to how I experience the creative process. The different stages of bringing an idea to fruition and the feelings that accompany those stages. The stages became predictable and I have learned to trust that process. Out of this observation came a performance that I titled "Subplot". It is a mythical theatre piece with the characters depicting each aspect of the creative process. This work combined my varied efforts of writing, producing, performing, 3D installation and costume making. I feel this piece has more to come and I hope to continue to workshop it to see 

how it plays out.

From the outside, perhaps each approach seems to be a departure from the others, but to me they are all in keeping with my intention to uncover and support the timeless stories found within the human condition.

Artist's Biography

Born in 1954, Oshawa, Ontario. As far back as she can remember, Beverley has always been working, she developed a very how-to art form, beginning with “things that needed to be made”. The art of “making” for Beverley

has been a way of life, from knitting, embroidery and textiles or papier mache, even a stint in cobbling, seems there is little that is intimidating to Beverley. During the years that followed Beverley would pursue a career as a hairstylist, and mother. With children in tow, keeping her ever on her toes, which was just another gleaming example for Beverley's resourcefulness to shine through. By the 1990's Beverley's children had become fully grown, Beverley decided it was time to focus exclusively on her art. Beverley has continued to expand her skill set to include numerous different mediums, from sculpture to poetry to performance art and film. Inspired by both the urban background of Toronto and her current rural home of Muskoka, Beverley produces interesting moments primarily figurative, on canvas with a medley of paint, collage paper, charcoal and metal leafing. Offhandedly capturing a story, strewn with blanks, waiting to be filled by the ones who view it.



2017  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square
2016  Death Perceptions installation, Wellington County Museum, Elora, Ontario
2016  Love and Marriage, Aurora Cultural Centre
2016  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square
2016  If These Shoes Could Talk (installation), Orillia Streets Alive Story Poles
2015  Salt Spring National Art Prize Finalists' Exhibit, Saltspring Island, BC
2015  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square
2015  Peep Show: Alone in a Crowded World, group installation, Huntsville, Ontario
2015  Solo exhibit, Nathaniel Hughson Gallery, Hamilton
2015  Group exhibit, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto
2015  Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair, Toronto
2015  'Tis the Season exhibition and sale: Strata Gallery, Elora, Ontario
2014  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition: Nathan Phillips Square
2014  Back to Basics: Lift Ground Print Studio, Huntsville, Ontario
2013  Strata Gallery, Solo Exhibit - Elora, Ontario
2013  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2013  Nathaniel Hughson Gallery, Solo Exhibit, Hamilton, Ontario
2013  Towne Square Gallery, Solo Exhibit, Oakville, Ontario

2012  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto

2012  Art Show at the Summit Centre, Huntsville, ON,

2012  The Black and White Ball: A Juried Group Exhibition at Propeller Gallery, Toronto

2011  Comfort - a Mixed Media Exhibit at Propeller Gallery, Toronto

2011  Imagining Winnie, Huntsville, ON

2011  Propeller Centre 15th Anniversary Show, Toronto

2011  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto

2011  The Artist Project, Toronto

2010  Face It Head On: The Self Portrait Redefined, Workman Arts Building, Toronto

2010  Habit Forming, Solo Exhibit - Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto

2010  Nuit Blanche Exhibit, Toronto

2010  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto

2010  The Artist Project, Toronto, ON

2010  Propeller Gallery, solo exhibit, Toronto, ON

2010  The One I Love The Most, group exhibit, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON

2010  Night Lights, group exhibit, Chapel Gallery, Bracebridge, ON

2009  Lust, group exhibit, The Beverly Owens Project, Toronto, ON

2009  Holiday Beauties, group exhibit, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON

2009  OCAD Whodunit, group exhibit, Toronto, ON

2009  The Aftershow, Propeller Centre For The Visual Arts, Toronto ON

2009  Six Degrees Of Muskoka, Bracebridge, ON

2009  No Cure For Curiosity, group exhibit, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

2009  The Shutterbug Gallery, Huntsville, ON - ongoing

2009  Huntsville Festival Of The Arts – Threshold, public art installation

2008  Moments Where The Stories Live, The Shutterbug Gallery, Huntsville, ON

2008  The Nexus Gallery, Orono, ON, group exhibit

2008  Image Makers, group exhibit, Huntsville Festival Of The Arts, Huntsville, ON

2008  Blue Canoe Gallery, South River, ON

2008  Purely Water, group exhibit, Muskoka Gallery, Port Carling, On

2006  Candor, solo exhibit, Six Shooter Gallery, Toronto

2006  Subplot, Huntsville Festival Of The Arts. A multi-media piece I wrote and produced, depicting the "creative process". It was presented in the forest                and Icreated 3D works as well as costumes that set the walking path stage for thestory to unfold.

2006  Afore Thereafter,solo exhibit Huntsville Framing Place and Gallery

2005  One Woman/Every Woman, solo exhibit, ACA Gallery, Toronto, ON

2005  Graceful Return, solo exhibit, Deerhurst Resort - Eclipse Gallery, Huntsville, On

2005  Envers Chapin Gallery, Toronto, ON

2004  States Of Being, solo painting exhibit and collaborative installation, Shifting Earth Gallery Place and Gallery

2003  Coop on Scollard, group exhibit, Toronto, ON

2003  Euclid Studio, Toronto, ON

2002  Framing Place and Gallery, Huntsville, ON

2002  Muskoka Autumn Tour

2001  Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour

2001  Framing Place and Gallery, Huntsville, ON

2000  Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour

2000  Hawksley Burns For Isadora, Book Launch-Exhibit, Lid Lounge, Toronto ON

1999  Muskoka Studio Tour

1999  MAC Spring members Show, Bracebridge, ON

1999  Vessels, solo exhibit Chapel Gallery, Bracebridge, ON

1999  In Transition, solo exhibit Bird Hill Gallery, Bracebridge, ON

1997  MAC members show

Teaching and Facilitating

2010  Kaleidoscope Arts in Education: Olympic Celebration project with Gr. Four, Spruce Glen Public

2009  Kaleidoscope Arts in Education: Huntsville, ON. Real Character/Real Stories: an elementary school multi-media arts project for kindergarten to                grade 5 students with a focus on respect and community. I was part of the group of artists that facilitated this with students and teachers.

2009  Edge of the Woods Theatre: The Captain Hunt Project, Huntsville, ON: intergenerational art project culminating in a theatrical presentation.

2009  Group and Private Fostering Creativity/Art Sessions in my studio

2008  Unfolding a Story - week long multi-media workshop for girls 10-12. Held in my studio. Included visual art, creative writing, costume as art form,              and drama. Huntsville, ON

2008  Kaleidoscope Arts In Education, Huntsville, ON. - School wide theatrical project involving set design, costume and make-up, prop creation,                    creative writing, drama and music.

2008  Entering The Waters, Creativity Workshop, Port Carling, ON

2007  I spent some time traveling in Italy this year and then participated in a two month artist residency in Pouch Cove, Pouch Cove Foundation, James              Baird - Director

2006  Subplot connected creativity workshops, Huntsville High School, Community Learning Centre

2005  Private and group creativity sessions in my studio