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What new artists this way come?!

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

During one of our annual scouting outings at The Toronto Outdoor Exhibition, We happened upon

Allen Egan showing his work. Featuring an interesting and whimsical styling in his surreal work, coupled with his grounded and calming impressionist landscapes, we couldn't resist inviting him to join our roster of artists and lucky enough, Allen was actually interested in showing his work in Toronto.

Originally from Kadoma, Zimbabwe, Allen began creating work featuring figurative and portraiture art in an African Rural setting.

After emigrating to Canada, Allen started to cavort with the genre of surrealism, though part of me thinks that cavort might not be apt enough, more like a big hardy hug. As his children are regular models for is works, which sounds like a good bit of fun. The final result tells of short stories during fantastical happenings. Scenes of a lone wanderer carrying his world on his back, with an almost perceivably empty insinuating of a destination.

Well now, Allen's

Portfolio, bio and C/V are all set up,

a bunch of his

work on display

in the our window and gallery,

I think we are

all set up.

Welcome Allen, to St. Germain Gallery, Enjoy!!

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