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Established in 1973, under the name of “Print and Frame” which originally offered the modest “frame it yourself” services that flourished for several years. During the 1980's, the store welcomed a new owner and underwent its first transformation to a custom framing and print gallery, with the name of St. Germain Framing. They enjoyed the opportunity to offer their picture framing services to the extended community of the Greater Toronto Area for more than a decade. By 1998 St. Germain Framing changed hands again to its new and current owner. Over the first few years he continued to offer the same services as his predecessor did. But by 2002, prints were on the decline, it was found that the demand had shifted more towards that of original paintings. The space was sufficient and there was an ever growing list of artists that the owner had come to be acquainted with, that adding Art Gallery to the order of offered services was effortlessly implemented. Thus,

St. Germain Gallery was born, offering Specialized Custom Framing and Canadian Art Gallery services. Representing over 30 Artists at any given time, while constantly scouting for new and interesting bodies of work. Unlike most art galleries, that have to outsource their framing services to other frame shops, and in most cases factory framing locations, everything here is done in house. No outsourcing in the framing field whatsoever. This means you can be ensured that any piece brought here for framing is being handled here by the people you have come to trust. With over 30 years experience, here at St. Germain Gallery you can be assured that we will be able to offer Comprehensive Custom Design to best suit your preferences, in an archival and sustaining manner. Please view our Framing, Restoration/Conservation and portfolio sections for an added insight into what sort of services we encompass. 

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