Alireza Bidari

Artist's Biography

Born in Iran in 1967, self taught at an early age, his major inspirations were that of nature, scribbling down sketches on any flat surface he could find. His family would often relocate from province to province due to his father’s profession.
Whenever they moved, his family would make it a point to explore the surrounding areas of their new home. Alireza would see many wildlife scenes, he would pay attention to the shape, colour and texture. Trying to capture them in his mind long enough to get them on paper. Later, when he graduated, he had decided to follow a career in art.    
He  graduated  from  the  Faculty  of  Fine Art,  Tehran  University with a B.A. degree in Industrial Design  and  learned the golden principals of Fine Arts in general.  Following graduation, beyond  his  success in his profession as a product designer/developer, he continued pursuing his passion in  painting  &  sketching and  practiced  new  ways  of  envisioning the world.

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