Blair Mclean​


Solo Shows

-September, October 2010. Parks Canada series and eco living show. The Victory, Mirvish Village, Toronto 
-March 2010, LIVE ART SHOW! ECO LIVING! Live raw food bar, Toronto.
- October 2009, COTTAGE LIFE!, The Victory, Mirvish Village, Toronto
- April 2009, The 1970s library. Grapefruit Moon, Toronto.
- July 2008, Factory life!, The Victory, Mirvish Village, Toronto
- April 2008, Alberta. Grapefruit Moon, Toronto
- May-July 2007,Select works byblair. Bloor Cinema, Toronto
- March 2007, Select works from an abstract mind. Grapefruit Moon, Toronto
- January 2006, Abstract art byblair .Urban Annex, Toronto
- October 2005, Moon bean, Toronto


Group Shows

August & September 2011. CUCKOO AT THE EMBASSY. (Annual show) Embassy bar, Kensington market, Toronto.
6 2011 square foot art show AWOL GALLERY Toronto Ontario.
-July 2011 50th annual Toronto outdoor art exhibition, City hall Toronto
-August 9-15, 2010 A IS FOR ART conTEMPORARY gallery, Fergus, Ontario
- May 14,15,16 2010 Bathurst annex art tour, Twice found, Mirvish village, Markham st. Toronto.
-July 9,10&11, 2010, Toronto outdoor art exhibition, City hall Toronto.
- February 3 2010, CUCKOO AT THE EMBASSY. Embassy bar, Kensington market Toronto.
- November 2009, Let’s Exist Like It’s Not Pretend, Paul Petro Special Projects Space, Toronto
- September 2009, Square Foot, AWOL Gallery, Toronto
- November 2008, Whodunit?, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto
- May/June 2008, Skull and Bones Show, Smith Gallery, Toronto
- December 2007, Very Merry Non-Xmaz Show, Tranzac, Toronto
- December 2006, Foolsluck, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

-2008 Sherbourne Health Center, Toronto
(4 large abstract paintings on permanent display)
- August 2011 Ruth Hargrave memorial public library. Dundalk, Ontario.
1 large wood burning (Public spaces!) 


Commissioned Works:
- 2011 briefcase 
- 2009, Storefront sign for Coal Miners Daughter, Mirvish Village, Toronto (pyrography, 24”x48”)
2007, Abstract Bed of nails for Dragon FX Tattoo Shop, Edmonton, Alberta (sculpture and pyrography piece, 25”x 50”)
- 2005, Abstract painting for Alex Shum Toronto Canada (acrylic on canvas 5’x3’)



- September 1, 2011 meaning-full art blog. Artist profile.
- July 7-13 The Grid newspaper I was one of the featured artists.
- July 5,2011 Provocative penguin online magazine. Artist profile.
-December 2010 winter issue, Taddle creek magazine. Artist profile.
-October/November 2008, The Walrus Magazine, Our faces, Our selves. A visual essay (featured as one of five portraits)
- August 2007, Bizarre Magazine, England (interview and profile)
- 2006, Scar Factory Book, Japan (interview and profile of my work and techniques)
- November 1998, Tattoo Savage Magazine, Issue #25 (interview and profile)
- 2005, Tattoo & Piercing Magazine, winter issue (artist profile)
- October 2004, Burst Magazine, Japan (artist profile)- December 2004, Easy Finder, Hong Kong (artist profile)



- 2007, Taboo television series, National Geographic (Interview) July 20, 2006, CBC radio interview, Subcultures IV: Body modification,By Paolo Pietropaolo
- Oct 1999, City TV, Skin Deep, documentary by Anne Mroczkowski


Arts Organization

To view Blair’s process you can find his channel on YouTube at:

Blair's Art

Artist's Biography

Born and raised in Newmarket, 1968. Blair McLean moved to Toronto to pursue his first artistic endeavour, body piercing and scarification, for which he has received international recognition. 
Scarification is an artistic application of scars in a controlled environment, utilizing scratching, cutting, etching, and most pertinently burning of the skin. This form of body modification can be traced back through history and through many tribal cultures, most notably the tribes of the Maori. After mastering his skills in the body art realm, Blair moved into visual arts, working with canvas and acrylic, sculpture, and of course, pyrography. Pyrography derived from the Greek term purgraphos meaning “writing with fire,” this technique has been traced into prehistory. By developing his own technique outside of the common practices of modern pyrographers, without the use of a burning tool kit, Blair arms himself with a blowtorch, a random assortment of makeshift metal, some metal rulers, and glass to create quintessential imagery of the world around us. Basing his numerous series on nature and development, from agricultural scenery to green living to micro home architecture. A welcome addition to the ranks of artists we currently represent.


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