What new artists this way come?!

During one of our annual scouting outings at The Toronto Outdoor Exhibition, We happened upon Allen Egan showing his work. Featuring an interesting and whimsical styling in his surreal work, coupled with his grounded and calming impressionist landscapes, we couldn't resist inviting him to join our roster of artists and lucky enough, Allen was actually interested in showing his work in Toronto. Originally from Kadoma, Zimbabwe, Allen began creating work featuring figurative and portraiture art in an African Rural setting. After emigrating to Canada, Allen started to cavort with the genre of surrealism, though part of me thinks that cavort might not be apt enough, more like a big hardy hug. As

A mess of movie memorabilia came in recently.....

Got the opportunity to work on some awfully fun pieces recently, a somewhat long journey into the realm of nostalgia, great works of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Dumbo, Pinocchio, Roger Rabbit, and even a little bit of Huckleberry Hound and Yogi The Bear. Check out all the nifty pieces from the Cartoon Glory days! These Cutout stand ups have a nice way of being displayed, instead of the standard "place on shelf" approach. The bag it came in was in poor shape, which in turn completely obscured what was inside. So, we carefully removed the bag and staples, storing them in the back of the frame just in case. Placed both label and stand ups in a shadow box with an extra deep cool silver frame. I c

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