Bruce Le Dain​

Artist's Biography

An affirmed artist who could bring life to the pictures he painted with the love and enthusiasm of Canada. Born in 1928, Bruce Le Dain continues to live through his beautiful works of art. With his picturesque landscapes he gives off this air of experience that is rarely found. Taking his inspiration from the quiet countryside he gives of this feeling of calm and stillness. From an early age he participated in the International Childrens Art Exhibition in 1936, and by 1946 he enrolled in the Sir George Williams University to put his passion to the test. 3 years later his work was accepted at the Montreal Museum of fine arts Spring show from 1949 to 1953. From then on he has been labeled a legend amongst other greats as A.Y. Jackson and Tom Thompson (which being his major influences). His minimal detail perfectly purveys the lands in which he lived, with beautiful shore scapes to wet your palette. Bruce Le Dain was and still will be a major influence in the times to come.



1936 Participant of the International Children Art exhibition
1946 Enrolled in the Sir George Williams University
1948-53 Montreal Museum of Fine Art - Spring Exhibition
1953 Art Director for Odhams Press, London, England
1953-57 Art Director for Mathers and Crowther’s (Creative Department)
1958 Art and Creative Director for McKim Advertising
1959 Socrates Award, USA for Best Advertisement
1961 The Canadian Photographer Magazine Award for Art Direction
1962 Socrates Award, USA for Best Advertisement
1964 Art Director’s Club of New York Award of Merit
1965-66 The Graphica Award of Merit
1966 Participant in the Royal Canadian Academy 87th Annual Exhibition
1967 Participant at the International World Exposition
1968 American Television & Radio Commercial Festival Best Award and Art Direction Prize.
1968+71 The Graphica Award of Merit
1984 Elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts
1989 The Bruce Le Dain Park Dedication
1989 Award of Merit from the Secretary of State of Canada
1991 Elected 25th President of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts

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