Glen Warner​

Artist's Biography

Born in Toronto in 1947, Glen began drawing and painting at an early age.  He studied art and art history in high school, and has continued to draw and paint throughout his adult life.  To earn a living, Glen worked as an advertising copywriter and journalist, all the while continuing to hone his skills as an artist in his spare time.  Over the years he became proficient in his two favourite art mediums, acrylic and watercolour.
In the late 1980s Glen had the good fortune to meet A.J. Casson, who was at that time the last surviving member of Canada’s famed Group of Seven.  Glen had the privilege of working with Mr. Casson on numerous fine art publications. He had always admired Casson’s depictions of old houses in Ontario villages, and soon began to draw inspiration from these works as well as those of other artists such as Lawren Harris and Albert Franck, who painted Toronto houses in winter. His major goal is to capture the hidden charm and beauty of Toronto’s older neighbourhoods. Especially the often missed backstreets and laneways throughout Toronto.
“I love to paint rear views of houses that have somehow escaped the reno-vator’s hammer,” he says.  “Backyards are the most interesting subjects for me because that’s where you see how people live, and it’s where you find the porches, broken fences, garages, sheds and lean-tos that give each house its unique character.”


Selected Exhibitions, Solo and Group Shows

2017 Artworld Art Gallery, Etobicoke, ON
2014  Artworld Art Gallery, Etobicoke, ON
2014  Westmount Gallery, Toronto, ON
2013  Artworld of Sherway, Etobicoke, ON
2011  Artworld of Sherway, Etobicoke, ON  Two-man show
2009  Artworld of Sherway, Etobicoke, ON  One-man show 
2007  Willow Gallery, Toronto, ON
2004   Artworld of Sherway, Etobicoke, ON  Two-man show
2003   Artworld of Sherway, Etobicoke, ON  Two-man show
2003   Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery, Toronto, ON  Two-man show
2002   Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery, Toronto, ON   Two-man show
2001   Arts on King, Toronto, ON
2001  Printziples Fine Art, Toronto, ON
2000   Galerie Christin, Toronto, ON
1999   Studio 737, Tweed, ON
1998   Studio 737, Richmond Hill, ON

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