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A new artist has arrived!

Updated: Oct 26

Hello All! It has been a little long overdue for another post as we are still adjusting to the new work loads, but enough of that!

Feast thine eyes upon, This! This! F O R K!!!

and This! P E N C I L!!!

And This! Orange!

DonkeyHotey (CC)

WHAT !? NO! WRONG! WRONG!! Not that orange! This O R A N G E!!!!

This is the work of the new addition to the roster of artists we represent. So now may we introduce,

Stephen Perry.

We encounter him at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit over the summer, and we found he had an interesting and eclectic array of subject matters, bordering on the whimsical.

And did I mention he has paintings with owls? well, he has paintings of owls, I have to say....i really love owls, i've always wanted to pet one like this......

Or this!

OR....I'm getting sidetracked...moving on.

Here is another picture that doesn't have an owl in it,

showing his artistic process.

His uncanny ability to twist the mundane into something so enthralling is a rare talent.

We look forward to many new and interesting owls...I mean works by Him

Welcome Stephen to St. Germain Gallery

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