Stephen Gibb

Artist's Biography

Born in 1962, Windsor, Ontario. Stephen Gibb began exploring art at the tender age of seven.
A keen observer of detail, Stephen began drawing trees, he would while his time away detailing the articulation of every branch all the way down to the gnarly trunks.
Later on Stephen was exposed to an interesting combination of artists that would eventually help him shape his art style. Norman Rockwell and his use of narrative would be the first, followed by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and his Hot Rod monster caricatures, most notable being  "Rat Fink". By the age of twelve or thirteen, Stephen discovered the works of Hieronymus Bosch, This was the turning point for Stephen, leading him further down the rabbit hole, as it were. From there, it is was only logical to move onto the Surrealist movement with Salvador Dali and followed by the Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism movement.
In the 1980's, Stephen enrolled in the Visual Arts program at The University of Windsor.
After graduating with his BFA, Stephen started a career in the Graphic Design, Publishing and Printing Industries. Stephen's inspiration comes from a variety of places that are all around us, from the industrial decay of the surrounding motor cities, such as Windsor and Detroit, to Pop Culture, right down to illustrative nursery rhymes and children'
s books with hints of Consumerism, especially when in reference to food.
Stephen and his wife Jacquie have raised three daughters in the city of Windsor, where he currently resides.

Artist’s Statement

My artwork weaves an eclectic tapestry of cultural and social influences. At one moment it may make a single-punch-line commentary on pop culture, while the next it may construct a complex and playful panorama probing into the outer perimeters of human nature.


It is often categorized as pop surrealism but I prefer to tag it “Bubblegum Surrealism”—a kind of existential, editorial-cartoon realism—just because it sounds more intelligent, pretentious and funny at the same time. The work holds a certain reverence and faithfulness to mimicking reality but leans far enough away to fall in the shadow of the “uncanny valley”, that uneasy place where the mind is unsettled by what looks like something real but couldn’t possibly be. It is in this realm, theoretically, that the mind’s gamma waves are super-stimulated and brain activity resembles exploding fireworks. I resolve that this accounts for the compelling nature of my work. Viewers are confronted with a mind storm of mental activity to sort through and by confronting what they see with what they think their encounter takes on a very personal experience. We are all wired differently.


My medium of choice is a traditional deployment of oil paint using painting techniques such as glazing and the occasional dalliance into chiaroscuro. The richness achieved by layers and layers of thinned oil paint on wood panels always adds an interesting luminous vitality to the final piece.


When constructing a painting, I often let a core image or concept subliminally dictate to me as to how the composition will manifest itself. Colours and characters are woven on a psychological loom and the subject’s ambiguity speaks both in muted and clear tones to those who are willing to confront them head on. Nothing is written in stone, nothing is absolute except the thirst to explore ideas.


Solo Shows

2017 - “Secret Exhibit” – One-Ten Park: A Working Space, Windsor, ON

2012 - “Pursuit of the Golden Key”, with Dennis White, Gibson Gallery, Amherstburg, ON

2011 - “Does Humour Belong on Your Living Room Wall”” - The Milk, Windsor, ON

2010 - “The peculiar art of Stephen Gibb” - The Milk, Windsor, ON

2010 - “Crowns of Creation” - Mudpuppy Gallery, Amherstburg, ON

2009 - “What is this Madness?” - The Milk, Windsor, ON

2008 - “Giant Art Dump” - The Milk, Windsor, ON

2007 - “Stephen Gibb Presents” solo exhibit, Gibson Gallery, Amherstburg, ON

2007 - “NOI Show” - NOI, Windsor, ON

2006 - “Brain Fart” - The Milk, Windsor, ON

2004 - “Paintings Your Mother Warned You About” -  Joy Gallery, Capitol Theatre and Arts Centre, Windsor, ON

2004 - “Relics To Confound A Post-Human Archeologist” - The Milk, Windsor, ON

2003 - “Giant Art Orgy” - The Milk, Windsor, ON

2003 - “Conscious of Being McKonshus” - Flying Monkey, Windsor, ON

2002 - “Psychoglyphic X-rays” - Mackenzie Hall, Windsor, ON

2002 - “Steve Gibb Milks It” - The Milk, Windsor, ON

2002 - “Steve Gibb EXPLODES!” - The Lift, Windsor, ON

Group Shows

2017 - “Saving Banksy” –  Wolfhead Distillery, Amherstburg, ON

2017 - “Part Art Part Party Pt.11 - 5/19 Day!” - Five Ten, Windsor, ON

2017 - “Part Art Part Party Pt.11 - 5/19 Day!” - Five Ten, Windsor, ON

2017 - “Inappropriate humor”- Rare Tempo Gallery, Denver, Colorado

2015 - “Magica Sexualis” - Stephen Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2014 - “FAM ARTISTS SPACE” - The Milk, Windsor, ON

2011 - “BY ITS COVER” - Artcite, Windsor, ON

2011 - “I Want My Music Video Art Show”- Meltdown Gallery, Hollywood, CA

2011 - “Mad Hatter’s Ball” - Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Bristol, UK

2010 - “Here’s Mud in Your Eye” - Mudpuppy Gallery, Amherstburg, ON

2010 - “thirty x thirty” - Nancy Johns” Gallery, Windsor, ON

2009 - “Superhero Mishaps” - Subtext Gallery, San Diego, CA

2009 - “Gag Me With a Toon II” - Meltdown Gallery, Hollywood, CA

2008 - “The Circus Train” - Bitchin” Space Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2008 - “The Freak Show 2” - Terrace 285, Windsor, ON

2008 - “Sixteen X Sixteen” - Nancy Johns” gallery, Windsor, ON

2008 - The Aqua Show” - Pelissier Street Gallery, Windsor, ON

2008 - “The Amazing Sci-Fi Show” - Pelissier Street Gallery, Windsor, ON

2008 - “The Apartment Show” - vacant apartment at 888 Erie St, Windsor, ON

2007 - “The Freak Show” - Westland Business Centre, Windsor, ON

2005 - “Art Affordable” - Praxis Gallery, Toronto, ON

2005 - “Her Majesty’s Secret Art Assembly Gives You Head” - The Milk, Windsor, ON

2005 - “Her Majesty’s Secret Art Assembly: Evolution” - The Milk, Windsor, ON

2005 - “Her Majesty’s Secret Art Assembly: MILK” - The Milk, Windsor, ON

2004 - “Her Majesty’s Secret Art Assembly Exhibit 1” - Flying Monkey, Windsor, ON

2002 - “Meat Annex, The Public Responds to Meat and Mark Ryden” - Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA

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