Athanase Pell

Artist's Biography

In 1990, Pell moved to Canada, where he was newly inspired by the landscapes of North America. He has shown his work in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamburg,
Athanase Pell studied painting in the European tradition, earning a Master’s degree from the Nicolai Pavlovich Academy of Fine Art in 1987, and began his artistic life in the study of the Mediterranean landscape. Kobe and Paris. Pell has received numerous commissions for public and private collections, and lives and works in Toronto, Canada.
Pell has always loved traditional painting, and particularly to express the infinitely various moods of nature. It is vital to him that his paintings capture not only the physical landscape but its atmospheric qualities. The artist prefers subjects in which light and colour create the mood. The landscapes are delicate and poetic, capturing the fine balance of their subjects, Amsterdam.

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