Holiday Hours

Here are our holiday hours, again.... December 23, 2017 Open (closing early at 3pm) December 24, 2017 Closed December 25, 2017 Closed December 26, 2017 Closed December 27, 2017 Closed December 28, 2017 Closed December 29, 2017 Closed December 30, 2017 Closed December 31, 2017 Closed January 1, 2018 Closed January 2, 2018 Open Don't worry we will be back, after our much needed rest we will see you soon.

A Good 'Ole Welcome is in Order.

Hello All I've been scouring the many festivals of the city, braved many a hot and sweaty days, and during my mind addled tromp, somehow, (my memory is a little foggy on this point) I managed to convince a bunch of new artists to join our ranks. So may I present to you, in a much more coherent fashion, in order of appearance, Les Artistes! Eduard Gurevich I happened upon his work during the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition(TOAE), it was earlier in my visit, and my brain hadn't the opportunity to turn into a fried egg entirely yet. Eduard is in a constant flux of working, as when I encountered him, he was whiling away his time producing new works, it was a landscape/aquatic scene, with big yell

'Tis The season

Hello All, I know, I know, it has been too long, where have we been and what have we been doing? Not to worry there are a bunch of posts coming up in the next little bit. But the task at hand is probably fairly apparent, what with all the hueless fluffy stuff getting all about. It is a whole bit of pretty all in all, especially the less frequented areas. (Riverdale Park below) CC The City of Toronto And so, As everyone is scouring the city looking for the perfect something for a someone. We here at St. Germain Gallery will be accepting orders until the 20th of December with all orders being completed in time for the coming holidays, provided our suppliers can get the chosen stock to us, we w

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