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A Good 'Ole Welcome is in Order.

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Hello All

I've been scouring the many festivals of the city, braved many a hot and sweaty days, and during my mind addled tromp, somehow, (my memory is a little foggy on this point) I managed to convince

a bunch of new artists to join our ranks.

So may I present to you, in a much more coherent fashion, in order of appearance, Les Artistes!

I happened upon his work during the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition(TOAE), it was earlier in my visit, and my brain hadn't the opportunity to turn into a fried egg entirely yet.

Eduard is in a constant flux of working, as when I encountered him, he was whiling away his time producing new works, it was a landscape/aquatic scene, with big yellow tropical fish floating in the air. Either that or the heat was already playing tricks on me.

His work has a very broad range of mediums and genres, Though we currently have mainly landscapes, we are thoroughly looking forward to getting our hands on a couple of his surrealist pieces. Here is a little taste of the works we currently have in stock, with more on the way in the near future.

Moving On,

The next artist to cross our paths was one of missed meetings, I came upon the work of Tim Hough

during my preliminary research into prospective artists, which truthfully entails perusing the many summer festivals' artist lists. So I sent an email with introductions and my intention of meeting in person during the TOAE, unfortunately it didn't quite work out like that.

It was hot, too hot

somehow in the haze of oppressive heat I missed his booth altogether. But Tim is a good chap and

decided to bring some work all the same.

Tim Hough

Hailing from the Etobicoke(I will never understand why the "ke" is silent)

Tim brings us all those beautiful rock formations of the northern parts of our varying province of Ontario, I am sure you will be impressed.

Also during my visit to the TOAE, I met with Northumberland Artist Mike Smith

This was fairly early on and I was well hydrated and mostly composed, Mike and I had been in regular communication via email beforehand, and he had already decided to work with us. But real life meets had to happen, that way he wouldn't think me a complete derelict, ha! fooled him good.

Originally from South Africa/Zimbabwe, Mike has captured the expansive ranges of eastern Ontario, adding his own personal touches to enhance the overall mood of each scene.

An almost sombre feeling permeates his work, his opposing, hazy colour choices lull you to attention, delving deeper into the vanishing horizon.

The last artist to begin working with us was Beverley Hawksley.

Hailing from the Huntsville area, Beverley brings a whimsical story of a time from our memory,

always familiar and but you just can't pinpoint it, utilizing a mixed media approach with paint, paper and metal leafing.

I encounter her work online, but it wasn't until I saw her work in real life where I was really blown away.

So go on and check out their new sections on our website or come on by and see the works on display in our gallery and window display.

Hope to see you soon.

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