Dominique Desmeules​

Artist's Biography

Born in 1952 in Chicoutimi Quebec, at the water edges of the magnificent Saguenay River, Dominique Desmeules classical studies and future carrier in art where both inspired by one of her art teachers, Jean-Guy Barbeau. After studying Graphic Design at the Université Du Quebéc à Montreal, she worked as a graphic designer in Vancouver and later on in Paris, France, where she spent over two years. Back in Quebéc, she continues to work as a graphic designer while taking care of her flower gardens. Involved in the travel business as a manager of a travel agency for 25 years, she found many opportunities to travel at every corner of the world from Asia to Europe, Africa to South America. However, in 1990, her passion for painting became so ruling that she decided to devote more energy to her art. Her artwork can now be found in art galleries in the provinces of Quebéc and Ontario. Her work has been exhibited in international art fairs as Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Singapore, Melbourne, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, New York, Seoul, Busan(Korea), Seattle, Miami, Houston and Hong Kong.

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