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Annual Holiday!!1!!!

Hello All! As the summer is in full swing, we here at St. Germain Gallery are having a hankering to get a little time off. So as of the 16th of July we will be gone, but don't you worry, we will be returning after our much needed rest on the 24th of the same month. We will attempt to finish all orders that come in the next few days before our fabled vacation.

So if you have a need to get that special painting or need a framing job done tout suite, we will do everything within our power to have it completed before we scamper off.

Holiday Schedule!

Saturday, July 15th Open

Sunday, July 16th Closed

Monday, July 17th Closed

Tuesday, July 18th Closed

Wednesday, July 19th Closed

Thursday, July 20th Closed

Friday, July 21st Closed

Saturday, July 22nd Closed

Sunday, July 23rd Closed

Monday, July 24th OPEN!

We apologize if this inconveniences anyone, we wish you a great summer.

See you soon!!

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