Roman Zuzuk​

Artist's Biography

Born in 1961, in the small rural village of Selets, Ukraine. Roman began drawing at a young age, his first models ranging from cows in the pasture, hens in the yard, to flocks of geese flying overhead. 
In 1980 Roman attended the Simferopol art school in Crimea. After graduating Roman moved to capital city of Kiev where he enrolled at The Kiev Academy of Fine Arts where he honed his painting technique.
During the early nineties Roman moved to the city of Prague, Czech Republic, due to its central locale in Europe, Roman’s opportunities to exhibit his work drastically increased.
During the next several years, Roman would exhibit his work, in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and of course Czech Republic. By the year 2000, Roman finally arrived in Canada, to share his interesting perspective. Telling us stories, some comical, others lyrical, mixing up the the everyday and the fantastical, in turn creating modern fables. The final result a mirroring of human and bestial forms, portraying the human pretensions of refinement. The artist lovingly celebrates our paradoxical lives and the follies inherent to human nature.



2008 Edinburgh Art Fair, Edinburgh Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, United Kingdom 
2008 Art Ireland November Fair, RDS Main Hall, Dublin, Ireland 
2008 Chelsea Art Fair, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, United Kingdom 
2008 Art Ireland Spring Collection 2008, Main Hall of RDS, Dublin, Ireland 
2007 Art-Kyiv, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine 
2006 Art Kiev, Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine 
2006 Art Ireland Winter Collection 2006, RDS Main Hall, Dublin, Ireland 
2006 Art Ireland Spring Collection 2006, RDS Main Hall, Dublin, Ireland 
2005 Art Ireland Winter 2005, RDS Main Hall, Dublin, Ireland 
2005 Manchester Art Show, MICC G-MEX, Manchester, United Kingdom 
2005 Art Ireland Summer Collection 2005, RDS, Dublin, Ireland 
2004 Art Ireland Winter 2004, RDS Main Hall, Dublin, Ireland 
2004 Art Ireland Summer Collection 2004, RDS, Dublin, Ireland 
2004 New York Art Expo, Soleil Gallery, New York, USA 
2004 Toronto Art Expo, Toronto, Canada 
2004 Sarennes Galerie, Quebec, Canada 
2003 Soleil Gallery, Montreal, Canada 
2003 EuropART, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland 
2003 New York Art Expo, New York, USA 
2002 Art-Vienna, Vienna, Austria 
2002 New York Art Expo, New York, USA 
2002 Sarennes Galerie, Quebec, Canada 
2001 New York Art Expo, New York, USA 
2001 Gallery 133, Toronto, Canada 
2001 Start Art Gallery, Breda, the Netherlands 
2000 Anastasia Gallery, Oakville, Canada 
1999 Burch & Klem Gallery, Berlin, Germany 
1998 Atelier Los, Thalwil, Switzerland 
1998 Dorint Hotel, Koln, Germany 
1998 Burch & Klem Gallery, Berlin, Germany 
1997 Spektrum Gallery, Hamburg, Germany 
1997 Atelierschiff unartig Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany 
1996 Christin Gallery, Toronto, Canada 
1995 ABA Gallery, Berlin, Germany 
1994 K + B Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic 
1994 Haus der Ktinstler, Worpswede, Germany 
1993 Miro Gallery, Berlin, Germany 
1993 Bilini Gallery, Florence, Italy 
1992 Slovak Cultural Centre, Frankfurt, Germany 
1992 City Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic 
1992 Russian Cultural Centre, Prague, Czech Republic 
1991 Rapid Exhibition Centre, Prague, Czech Republic 



1990 Palace of Arts, Kiev, Ukraine
1989 University of Kiev, Ukraine 

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